Cuyana Zipper Tote Review

Cuyana Zipper Tote Review

cuyana zipper tote review


Moving from conspicuous consumerism to conscious consumption. Also, doing reviews. You can find many unsponsored reviews for Everlane, Elizabeth Suzann and Only Child on this site. My goal is to reduce waste and love bags. These are the main differences and similarities that I observed between them (also, you can read the whole discussion on reddit here). First of all the dimensions. The Madewell Transport Tote in black with tan handles measures 14.5 inches by 14.25 inches by 6 inches by 6.25 inches. It has an 8.25 inch drop. Cuyana Classic Leather Tote measures thirteen inches by 18 inches (L), x five inches (w), and has a 9 inch drop. The Cuyana tote measures 13 inches by 18 inches (L) x 5(w) inches with a 9 inch drop. Cuyana bags are soft, smooshy leather. It’s easy to fold it in half to make them less wide. (See the photo below).

Even though the totes may look similar, the following are reasons I feel the Cuyana tote has superior quality:

First of all, the Cuyana Tote leather is incredible. It feels super soft, and it smells great. The smell reminds me of the leather of Balenciaga bags, even though the textures of the leather are different. Madewell leather is soft and stiff. It smells cheap.

-The Cuyana tote was made in the USA, while the Madewell one is made from China. Cuyana is an American brand that is committed to producing the highest quality goods.

The Madewell tote’s strap may be slightly longer than that of the Cuyana bag, but this can really make a difference in if you want to wear your tote bag on top of a winter coat. While the Cuyana bag could fit, the Madewell tote would not.

Cuyana’s tote is also available in 3 variations, including the classic, tall, and zippered.

So as you can see, my vote clearly goes to the Cuyana tote over the Madewell tote. We could also have a discussion on all of the other bags I own, including the Mansur Gavriel tote here and Everlane tote there. But I think the Everlane is my favorite tote. The smaller size, adjustable straps and two large interior pockets, with snap-close closures, are my favorite features. You can just stuff things into the Mansur Gavriel and it will hold its shape very well. I find that I am not the type of person who likes to carry a bag. The Cuyana tote would win my vote if it were me.

cuyana zipper tote review

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Lifestyle 10 Life-Changing Habits Food & Entertainment Top 10 Trader Joe’s Products How to Become a Plant Person when You are Super Busy and Very Lazy. To review the product, we were compensated. We are free to express our opinions about the brand. It’s back! You are probably familiar with my obsession with Cuyana if you’re a Wit & Delight regular (see exhibits B and C ). Joe and myself are sharing our home with Joe’s family during the kitchen renovation. I like their idea of “fewer, better items”. Living out of your suitcase for a few days is one thing, but it’s quite another to be able to continue doing so for between 12 and 16 weeks.

They sent their Classic Zipper Tote to me. The Classic Zipper Tote isn’t new at all, but a reinvention of an older classic. The zipper adds functionality to this bag which makes it more convenient than what I had before. It feels like my everyday life from one place or another.

The tote is still one I’d recommend if your goal is to have a minimalist leather bag. This bag looks and feels a lot more expensive than it really is. I’ve been using mine for a month, and it has journeyed with me to and from destinations as exotic as Dallas (wink), LA and Northfield . Cuyana is a travel case that I bought two years back. The bag looks better than ever so it’s safe to say I will keep using this tote even after my busy commute.

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Do You Think The Cuyana Tote insert is Worth It?

Cuyana leather bag brand is selling a popular tote that adds style to your bag. The cost of $95, although it is more expensive, is well worth the convenience. December 17, 2020

Cuyana Real leather?

The Cuyana backpack is made of high-quality heavyweight leather in a family-owned factory near Pisa, Italy. The bag is available in two sizes: a backpack and a shoulder strap.

.Cuyana Zipper Tote Review