Dagne Dover Mini Tote Review

Dagne Dover Mini Tote Review

dagne dover mini tote review

Workwear Hall Of Fame: Dagne Dover

This bag is part of the 2021 Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. The price was reduced to $149 (the lowest that I have seen).

for their sturdy, coated canvas totes. There are many vibrant, fun colors available such as this “Palm” and their “Dagne”, which is a classic cobalt color. But they also offer neutrals.

By way of a mini Dagne Dover tote review: as a sturdy tote, it may also be a slightly heavy tote if you’re used to carrying nylon or other super lightweight options; it may also feel a bit stiff but all of that may work better for your lifestyle than a lightweight, less durable option.

Although the Signature Legend Tote (pictured below) costs $265 and can hold sneakers, as well as a computer laptop, the traditional tote for $245 is smaller.

Ann’s Dagne Dover review of the same tote at CorporetteMoms!|CorporetteMoms reviews the Ann Dagne Dover tote.|CorporetteMoms has a review by Ann Dagne Dover of the same bag!|CorporetteMoms review of Ann’s Dagne Dover same tote!|CorporetteMoms’ Ann Dagne Dover review for the same Tote.} Signature Legend Coated Canvas Tote Dagne Dover website now has card cases as well. Nice.) Corporette(r), which may be an affiliate link, might receive commissions for any purchases through the links within this post. For more details see here . We are grateful for all your help!

2018 Update: This bag has been added to the Workwear Hall of Fame. We love it so much that we are adding it to our Workwear Hall of Fame.

The Dagne Dover website offers the largest selection, however, you will also be able to find it at Nordstrom and sometimes at Revolve. Looking for more options? You can find our complete roundup of best tote bags to work on the following:

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