Le Tote Review

Le Tote Review

Lord & Taylor
Founded 1826

(195 years ago)



Defunct 2021
Fate Liquidation
Headquarters 424–434 Fifth Avenue,


  • Clothing
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le tote review

Other Le Tote Customer Reviews

This review is from past and current subscribers to help you get a better sense of other people’s opinions about your Le Tote experience:

“Only one item from 5 of 5 totes didn’t fit, but I have loved all of them. The box always arrives with excitement and I rush to take the clothes out. I love having a new wardrobe every month.”- Shelley on Trustpilot “I paused my account and I will try other companies. The inventory is just lacking, you may see a large selection, but it’s very limited when it’s time to customize your order.”- Sarahburst on Trustpilot “Been using Le Tote for six plus months. With a few exceptions, I like the wide range of clothes and that most items fit well. Being an executive it is really important to have good work wear. You can easily mail it back, and the selection process itself is smooth. We would like to see higher end options.”- Angeleno, Trustpilot. “I really love LeTote. It lets me play with different styles and I don’t want to make a commitment to it.”- Reddit user miau_am. Shop Le Tote

le tote review

How To Get The Most Out Of Le Tote

Pay attention to the size charts. The measurements for every size are listed below. This allows me to check my hips and make sure I have the right fit. Also, they have the dimensions of each model.

Don’t be afraid to trust their suggestions regarding size. While they might not always be correct, they can help you get started and have been a good resource.

Look at the Size Charts and the Fit Ratings of each item. This is a great resource that I have just discovered and will be using it for future orders.

Check out the Le Tote user photos and reviews. Their height and the size they’re wearing are listed and that may really help you decide between sizes!

It is important to be mindful of the weather in the coming months. It’s impossible to predict what the weather will look like over the next month. However, I could have remembered that Pittsburgh can go from being warm to cold quickly in just a week. Therefore, I picked warmer clothes to keep me comfortable for the coming months.

Use the rental option to get new items without the obligation. This rental model allows you to keep the items in your possession for at minimum a month. After that, it’s up to you to purchase or return.

le tote review

My Le Tote Review

Verdict – I loved my Le Tote pieces this month. But, you have to take into account how fast and drastic the weather changes in Pittsburgh. I wore the warmest tops and pants the most, while the ring was my favorite. The scarf and jacket were too lightweight, and the dress was not right-fitting. Overall I was happy with the selection of items I chose from. I also loved that I was able to test out new styles, which I would not normally choose to. Even though I had a temptation to keep some, I know I need to take a step back and reduce the amount of clothes I own.

To wrap up:

If you sign up right away, can you still get the same box? Le Tote orders are tailored to each individual’s style preference and may be different for every person. You never know what you’ll be wearing just days after signing up!

Value breakdown

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Le Tote

le tote review

Try Le Tote: What was my experience with The Clothing And Accessory Rental Company

Gwynnie Be is someone I love, as you all know. However many of your questions have been about whether there is any program similar for people who are less than 10 inches. Le Tote is also a clothing rental company, but with a different concept.

Le Tote allows you to curate your own box with clothing and accessories. The $49 monthly subscription includes three pieces of clothing and two accessories. You can keep items as long as you wish, and anything you love you can keep forever and Le Tote will charge your card. You can send items back and receive news. There are unlimited Totes to pay for the subscription fee. If you love and choose to keep everything in your shipment you get a free month of Le Tote. Le Tote wants its members to be happy with what they receive. You can customize your delivery by filling out a style profile. The stylists at Le Tote will assist you in choosing the best items to suit your individual style. The page will also show photos of Le Tote members who have worn the item. It can help you determine if the garment is right for you.

Le Tote was offered to me for free one-month. After you sign up, you’ll be asked to complete a survey regarding your height and preferences. From that information you can select items. You can view all the items and make any changes to your virtual wardrobe. You can pick exactly which items you want to receive in your next shipment, unlike Gwynnie Bee. This is especially useful if you are planning for an event or travel. Like Gwynnie Bee, shipping is free and return packaging and shipping label is included. My items came in Le Tote-branded boxes wrapped in tissue and arrived safely in my Le Tote bag. Le Tote prides itself on communication. Le Tote sends you texts and emails when your next bag is available for customization, shipping information, and many other details. The ability to choose the type of communication that you want is yours.

Some Fall 2015 New Arrivals from Le Tote Le Tote showcases popular brand names like Vince Camuto or Max Studio and French Connection. There are also some lesser-known brands I’ve seen at Marshall’s TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and BCBGeneration. Although Le Tote sells clothing up to XL and 16, the selection gets slimmer if you order larger than an L. Le Tote is largely a relaxed and simple shop, with a handful of pretty dresses and jumpsuits to wear out or for work.

LeTote caught my attention at the end August. The first collection was not what I expected. My style was not reflected in the accessories. The pieces were simple, delicate and too fashionable for me as a 40-year old professional. The clothing felt very… basic. Gwynnie bee is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. It introduces you to different brands, prints, and silhouettes. It’s simple clothing which can make it great for people who don’t want to spend too much time shopping, are busy or just simply do not like fashion. The outfit I chose was a black-and-white striped, knitted tee shirt-inspired dress, a spaghetti strap midi gown, a jacket, a delicate necklace and pave circle earrings.

Everything fit like Juniors. It was well made and weighed in at a good weight, although it didn’t cover my entire bum. It was beautiful in teal and had a lovely smocked bodice. You can wear it with adjustable straps or strapless. Or you can slide down to make it a maxi-skirt. This was fine but felt very much like something I would buy at TJ Maxx. Unlined and very tight around the shoulder and arms of the jacket, this made it feel cheap and unprofessional. As for accessories, I was disappointed with both the necklace and earrings. They looked expensive but were pretty. The only piece I wore was the teal midi dress, and it was because I was going to be outside volunteering at a fair and knew it would be hot out. This was the perfect piece for me, however it is not something I would wear twice.

Le Tote could really be an excellent option. I regret that it was dismissed. If you are a size 10 or smaller, if you’re not terribly tall or petite, if you’re under 35 and you’re looking for a reasonably priced way to add a bit of variety to your wardrobe without looking too trendy or outlandish, Le Tote could be a great option. You can also get three outfits with Le Tote for as little as one dollar plus accessories. It is easy to waste money on something like a casual sweater or dress. Just like Netflix, the garments can be returned and a second one sent right away. Le Tote may be a good way to shop, build and maintain a wardrobe. Just don’t expect to find any garments that will stop people in their tracks, transform your personal style, or find a ton appropriate for weddings and more formal social occasions. They have a fall line that looks more elegant and chic than their summer collections. This is a season for those who want to experience such a service.

le tote review

Le Tote Review. Real thoughts on the clothing rental service

Do you wish you could simply borrow the trendy clothes you love and send them back? Le Tote allows you to rent your clothes and then return them back to the store. The best part about renting clothes is that you have the freedom to wear them however you please. You just need to return them when they are worn out. Le Tote takes care of the laundering, and they send a new Tote full of clothes you can choose yourself.

Le Tote allowed me to rent a red button blazer and plaid pants. Also, I was able to borrow a turtleneck sweater in snake print, as well as some small bee studs. A braided bracelet of silver and two gold buttons. Because it was so unique, the red blazer that had gold buttons is my favorite. I think Le Tote is a good choice whether you’re looking for professional, formal outfits or something more casual.

Each Tote purchase comes in a box made of cardboard with an adorable pink printed interior. You wrap your clothes in tissue paper and package accessories in bubble wrap.

Le Tote’s flexibility allows for you to swap plans as often as necessary, providing the plan cost is equal. At first I was tempted to go with the 3C,2A accessory plan. However, their accessory selection wasn’t what I wanted so I decided to switch to a 4-clothing plan.

They have a useful review section as well as photos. My view is that customers reviews should always be part of clothing websites, even when they are rentals. You can usually see a few customer photos and several reviews, as well as opinions about the fit of an item.

Le Tote provides discounts of up to 70% if you want to purchase an item. You can get pants or a sweater for under $20, if they’re off-season. However, you will get a smaller discount on newer products.

Le Tote reports that I wore $595 worth clothing and accessories over a single month. This was with only two bags. This total surprised me.

le tote review

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le tote review

Le Tote Reviews – Is This Box Really Worth It?

This post includes affiliate links. That means that we receive a commission for purchases made on them ( more info Looking to update your wardrobe but don’t want the hassle of spending another day taking off your shoes and clothes in a changing room? Perhaps a subscription for clothing is best.

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How Much Does Le Tote Cost Per Month?

Le Tote Costs: $89.9/month 8 Items, $99.9/month 10 Items, and $119/month 15. Subscriptions get cheaper with the omission of accessories. The Products: Choose from 8, 10, and 15 garments, accessories or clothing to rent for as long as possible. You also have the option to order with a discounted price.

Is Le Tote Going Out Of Business?

Lord & Taylor was a turbulent company in the past. In 2019, fashion startup Le Tote purchased Lord & Taylor, paying $71 million. After that, Lord & Taylor filed for bankruptcy and were bought by The Saadia Group at $12 million.

What does the Le Tote signify?

Le Tote offers a fashion subscription that allows you to rent clothes or accessories for an affordable monthly fee. You can wear it once and return it again.

How Much Is Le Tote Unlimited?

Le Tote seems to place a lot of importance on pricing. April 9, 2020

.Le Tote Review