Lv Flower Tote Review

Lv Flower Tote Review

lv flower tote review

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Mashka18 I’ve been eyeing the Flower Tote (with the black leather) as my next LV purchase. There have not been many reviews or threads about it so I’d love to see what others think. Also, if anyone here owns it, it would be great if you could share some feedback. The bag is intended to be used as a tote for work. This brings me back to my second question. How do you feel about the monogram print in an office setting? Have you felt that it was “too expensive” to use at work? I appreciate any responses.


We don’t know the answer. But, thanks for asking. It’s also something I am interested in…

Mashka18 epeLV said:

It’s not an easy question, but we appreciate your inquiry! Also, I have my eye on this bag…

Yay! Thanks for jumping in. This bag is so functional and beautiful that I was surprised at how little there has been written.

bagAddict1979 Massachusetts Mashka18:

.Lv Flower Tote Review