Portland Leather Tote Review

Portland Leather Tote Review

portland leather tote review

The Crossbody Tote I didn’t Know I Had

Today, my crossbody bag is made from leather. Today, I have a couple of things to say and some comments about the Crossbody Tote which I got from Portland Leather Goods. Here’s my second bag review from them. If you didn’t already, follow this link to read the first. The texture and firmness of the bag will differ depending on what color you pick. I decided to purchase the bag in Grizzly color because I wanted the tote to have some structure and not too floppy. The zipper closure will also help keep the bag’s structure intact. If I am driving I do not want anything to happen that could cause my bag to become unwieldy.

It smelled exactly like my previous backpack. If you like the smell of a new leather bag, you definitely need to consider getting yourself one! This bag is made from leather that has the right thickness and appears to be long-lasting and durable. It was not heavy, but it wasn’t too heavy. Crossbody straps that come with the tote are too narrow. It is stylish but won’t be comfortable if you fill the bag with a lot of stuff. If I can find a matching color strap, I will most likely purchase a thicker/wider bag strap.

My things aren’t always well-cared for. My bags end up on the chair when I’m not working. After I got it, the empty crossbody bag was laid on my chair. It became a folded bag because of my distractions from other items. The bag should have been properly stuffed and kept in a dry place to prevent it from folding.

The crossbody bag from Portland Leather Goods is a great choice. It was so good that I bought another one during a Deal of the week sale. Now, I just need good weather so that all of the PLG bags are put to good work!

portland leather tote review

Madewell Vs. Leather Tote Fashionable Vs. Cuyana

***Update, March 10, 2018*** I noticed this post has been getting lots of traffic, so I thought it was time for an update!

The Madewell bag was collecting dust and I decided to sell it. In the beginning, it was my main purse. It could hold all of our baby items and diapers. They’ve grown so much that I now prefer a small crossbody or tote. I bought another Madewell bag, one of the smaller crossbody transport totes, and I was surprised to see the quality has gone downhill since my first Madewell bag purchase. The strap is much thinner leather, and it actually seems more like synthetic than leather. There is now a string of brass knobs that hold the strap together, instead of a single buckle.

Although I have the Able Tote I love, I rarely use it. I believe that is mostly because of its color. Recently, I was given a Tirhas saddlebag by them. I love it!

I worked with Cuyana last spring to promote an event in Portland, in exchange for some gifted merchandise. I chose the Classic Tote in caramel , because my tall tote always felt a little too tall for me. This tote is a favorite of mine. I love the caramel colour. It is so richer and more warm than ever before. It is a bag I recommend highly!

Grechen is a friend and blogger I met a while back. I discovered her blog when I was looking up leather totes online. Fast-forward several years later, I discovered that my little collection of leather totes had been compiled by me while searching for the Madewell Transport Tote. After using them regularly for the last one to two years, I think it’s time I share my insights. This is what the internet has made possible. You can read feedback on almost anything before you buy it. You can read feedback on almost any item before you buy it. If you don’t pay attention, it can become a maze. Below, I have compiled my thoughts along with any questions to give you straight-forward reviews about the Zip Transport Tote (Madewell), the Mamuye Leather Tote (Fashionable) and the Tall Leather Tote. How long I owned it: 1 year, 11 months. What I love the most is that the leather in this bag. The leather is thick enough to support some structure but its natural grain and wrinkles are starting to show. It has been finished and sealed so that there are no spills and stains.

This is the thing I hate most about it: The handles of this bag make it impossible to carry as a real tote. My bag can be carried on either my shoulder or cross-body. Sometimes, I just wish that I could throw the long handles across my shoulders. However, logistics do not work.

China. Where it was made: Weight + Shape. This bag weighs a little more due to its extra leather strap, brass details and shape, but overall it’s quite lightweight. The Zip Transport Tote is lined and has an inside pocket. It is made of leather that is thick enough to hold its shape well. The bag retains its original form even when it is filled with chock.

.Portland Leather Tote Review