Louis Vuitton V Tote Mm Review

Louis Vuitton V Tote Mm Review

louis vuitton v tote mm review

Review Louis Vuitton Vs. Goyard Handbag

Last year, I shared a 5 Must-Have Handbag Review and it was a huge hit among readers. A lot of positive feedback was received, as well as requests for more similar posts. You should explore your choices when making a purchase for a larger handbag. One of my long-time favorite handbags is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote MM . This bag was also mentioned in the review. It’s difficult to overlook the popularity of the Goyard St. Louis pm Tote if your handbag love is strong. Both are very stylish and I love them both. I also noticed that their price points were similar when I visited the London store. Those two similarities would certainly make this decision a hard one for anyone who is in the market for a functional tote. With all that being said, the Goyard tote was purchased by me to perform some independent research. It’s been a few months now since I’ve made that purchase so, today, I’m sharing the pro’s and con’s to each bag so that you can make a better informed decision if you do happen to be wrestling with which one to invest in. I’ll also be sharing which one I prefer and would recommend over the other at the end of the post! Enjoy! xo.

HEADS UP! Okay so now that I’ve gotten the measurements on Louis Vuitton’s official website, but when I measured the length of my MM, it was much more than 12.6′. My measurement is from corner-to-corner 18″ Just a head’s up … not sure what the issue is there. I do know that I have the MM. Don’t worry if I don’t measure the right bag.

* DURABLE, LONG LASTING & WATERPROOF: This tote is made of high quality monogram canvas and when you feel it for yourself you will just KNOW that it is going to stand the test of time. It is tough, durable, and strong. This bag will withstand years and years, as well as extreme weather and too much weight. The material can also be waterproof.

* SUFFICIENT SPACES : The MM provides more room than you may think. This bag is the same size as the Neverfull and I was initially concerned that it wouldn’t be able to carry my daily errands/work stuff. It is spacious enough for everything I need, and it helps me keep my weight down. It can hold my small notebook and sunglasses case as well as my laptop. The interior has a zipper pocket for receipts or pen, as well as a pouch that prevents small items spilling over to the bottom. It also has a keychain attachment on the sides. These are the perfect place to hang your keys. I find all of these details are essential to keeping me organized. This is often difficult!

TWO BAG IN A ONE TOTE: The side tie can be pulled up or down to make a totally different look. Both styles are sleek and sophisticated, and the cinched up version offers your belongings a little more privacy. This is because I enjoy carrying a bag when traveling, and it can be a great carry-all. However, it may not always be the best option. There are always tourists in travel hot-spots that are on the hunt for easy targets. Because of their visibility, totes tend to be easy for them to find. Tote bags are not always the best bag to travel with, and can often be dangerous. It can’t zip closed so this alternate wear option works well for keeping your things a little more secure.

* FUN INTERIOR FABRIC – I love the interior fabric on the Neverfull Totes. It can be light pink or red. This bag is very sophisticated and intrigue. It seems that the interior of Goyard totes is just the front side, making it seem a bit cheap, if you’re honest.

* The VALUE OF THE TOTE CHANGES WITH TIME. The tote is a Louis Vuitton classic and one of its most loved! The brand’s bags get more expensive each year. You could make your entire money back by selling it if it has been well cared for.

.Louis Vuitton V Tote Mm Review

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