XP-PEN Innovator 16 Review


XP-Pen’s Innovator 16 is a graphics tablet with an incredible 15.6-inch display and the durability to compete against industry leaders like Wacom, making it ideal for amateurs who want more control over their digital artwork workflow. The XP-Pen innovator line has been outfitted with features that are critical in graphic design including pressure sensitivity levels up to 2048 (compared to 1024 on some other competitors) as well as tilt recognition sensors which allow you greater precision when drawing at different angles of inclination. This new offering also includes HDMI input/output compatibility so that artists can project what they’re working on onto larger screens or TV displays, while still being able to adjust settings directly from the device itself thanks to its multi-touch interface capabilities offered by XP-Pen’s Innovator 16 is a graphics tablet for drawing on your Mac, offering a 15.6″ display and decent value for amateurs wanting to improve their digital artwork workflow. The XP-pen innovator line offers the thinnest device at 9mm thick with good features that can be found in Wacom tablets like pressure sensitivity and 2048 levels of pen adjustment which makes it more versatile than input-only devices XP Pen’s newest release: The Innovators 16 has some nice upgrades from previous models such as improved battery life (10 hours) or multi-touch capabilities while having all but one USB port removed making this product very sleek both visually and physically wonderfully priced ($100 less expensive than its predecessor).

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XP-PEN Innovator 16

Product Description

Drawing on the go has never been easier with XP-PEN Innovator 16 Drawing Pen Display. With a 9mm profile, this drawing pen display provides an industry-leading design that is sleek black, and silver in color. The full lamination technology also helps create minimal parallax for high precision sketching or coloring projects while remaining fashionable to carry around as it weighs less than 20 ozs., It offers you up to 60 degrees of tilt action which allows natural shading without any jitters so your artwork can be seamless and perfect. This device features 92% Adobe RGB colors giving artists the vibrant hues they need when creating their masterpieces The XP-Pen Innovator 16 is perfect for drawing on the go with its industry-leading 9 mm profile and sleek black and silver design. Full lamination technology makes it so there are no gaps between glass screens, making this device glare-proof while eliminating parallax problems that require you to align your pen position perfectly across two screens.

The passive pen supports up to 60 degrees of tilt action which allows users more natural shading techniques as well as heightening their creativity because they aren’t confined by one flat surface. With a 92% Adobe RGB gamut color display (125% sRGB), the innovator delivers vibrant hues at an astounding resolution without any lag time or ghosting effect The XP-PEN Innovator 16 is a widescreen tablet that has two wheels, eight shortcut keys and can be used with popular software. The double wheel design of the device allows you to zoom in/out of your canvas as well as adjust the brush size on-screen easily without having to scroll through menus or use keyboard shortcuts for everything. It also supports both Windows 10 and Mac OS X operating systems, making it compatible with most professional drawing programs out there including Adobe Photoshop CS6+, Illustrator CC 2015+ (Windows only), SAI 2WK 1Y3D 0NTZ5 5N0R VAJUNT J36UR4 W1TH 4ND LEV7NG UP KPRF37 PR The new XP-PEN Innovator 16 offers an interactive experience for artists, designers, and other creative professionals. Twork is enriched by lifelike hues and sharp details with the double wheel design as well as 8 programmable shortcut keys which allow users to quickly adjust their canvas size or brush function without having to take a handoff from drawing.

XP-PEN Innovator 16

The display features both mechanical buttons which can be used in conjunction with the virtual button on-screen giving you more control over your workflow process.

Display And Drawing Experience

Firstly, a 15.6” display is something to be excited about. Yes, there are bigger displays out there; but if you’re an artist looking for the best of both worlds then this might just do it. Full HD with 92% Adobe RGB ensures that colors in your artwork will stay true and won’t get mixed up or muddy-looking when published online as JPEGs – unless you’re a highly advanced concept artist. The matte screen has some minor drawbacks (a shade too dark) but I can tell why they did so: because it emulates paper texture like no other drawing monitor on the market right now while guaranteeing precise lines without any glare whatsoever from reflections off glossy screens which could hinder creativity and productivity at work/school A 15.6″ display is exciting in and of itself, but the XP-PEN Innovator 16’s Full HD resolution ensures it looks sharp with no pixelation whatsoever – perfect for even advanced concept artists. The 92% Adobe RGB accuracy means colors are as true to life as they can be, too… which you’ll appreciate if your work depends on precise color reproduction (as many illustrators do).

There may not be a lot of brightness when compared to other monitors out there; however, this is due to its laminated matt screen that feels like paper while drawing. All things considered? It’s an excellent monitor at a fair price point. The screen feels like a high-end phone or iPad Pro, which makes the experience using (a not much older) pen display more fluid than usual. There are also 8 programable shortcut buttons that are really useful; my favorite feature of this tablet though has to be its dual virtual and moveable dial – it can zoom in on things beautifully. The 16-inch Novator pen display is a great alternative to the iPad Pro, and it’s very sleek.

XP-PEN Innovator 16

It’s easy for anyone who wants an immersive experience with their tablet or phone to see what they’re writing on this screen because everything feels much closer than before. The only downside of using such a big device like this one can be that all your work could feel cluttered as you try to edit pictures down in size or perform other operations; but after calibrating the stylus (with its eight programable shortcut buttons), every action was quick and efficient – there wasn’t any lag. This dual virtual dial makes zooming photos incredibly intuitive, which has become my favorite feature of this product so far


XP-PEN’s styluses are pretty standard. They’re lightweight, especially if you’re used to using Wacom pens but feel comfortable in the hand and as is industry standard more and more – battery-free. Maybe a heavier pen helps convince you that what your drawing on paper could be just as good? But for those new to digital art (or pencils), they’ll remember it doesn’t need much heft at all. It’s a great quality pen/stylus with two programmable buttons handy for switching from eraser to brush or back again when needed. The stylus pen comes with its own case. XP-PEN’s styluses are pretty standard, but they’re a step up from your average ballpoint or rollerball that you’ll often find in office supply stores and art shops.

These pens come at quite the bargain price of $40 USD. The weight is perfect for those used to working on high-quality drawing tablets like Wacom Cintiqs – it feels comfortable enough to use all day without accumulating wrist strain; however, this isn’t recommended due to the lack of battery life (the stylus runs off Bluetooth). If you get one though, make sure not to lose it because unlike most other products these days there aren’t any replacements available yet.

XP-PEN Innovator 16

Design And Build

The Innovator 16 has a nice weight to it and is also sleek with its 9mm thickness. The metal exterior looks very legit when coupled with the glass screen; XP-PEN did an excellent job on this build quality considering the price. Although one of the best things about this tablet might be that 15.6” display (portable but not small enough for your rucksack) I would still recommend buying it if you are looking for something portable yet sophisticated.) The Innovator 16 has a nice weight to it, and it’s slim at 9mm thick. It looks as stylish if not more so than anything else in the price range; with a metal and glass exterior that feels very legit indeed. The tablet’s 15.6” screen (one of the best things about it) is too large just slide into your rucksack– but you can’t call this portable because of how bulky or heavy it would be when going on walks outside town for hours on end.


With the XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro, you will need an extra cable to connect it to your computer. You’ll have one HDMI and a USB-A connector for newer Macs that only use Thunderbolt 3 ports (like MacBook Pros from late 2016 on). If you’re using a Windows PC without any legacy support or with an older model laptop/desktop which has no USB Type C port – like those made before 2013 when this connection was introduced – then be prepared for even more cables such as another adapter if necessary depending on what type of devices are connected together by other means. If you’re an XP-PEN user, then this pen is a great option for your needs. With the HDMI and USB-A ports on one side of the device or if not enough room to connect these cables, there’s another USB port where you can use a cable with either type so as long as it has that connection.

XP-PEN Innovator 16

It also comes equipped with numerous country-dependent adaptors in case yours isn’t included – though I’m unsure why they don’t just have standards like other brands do (especially since their 24 Artist Pro has more than 1). No matter what kind of setup you may need for drawing–whether connected directly to your computer via its HDMI port or plugged into any power source through four different adapter types depending on

Supports 60 Degrees of Tilt Function

The XP-PEN Innovator 16 is a revolutionary tablet that will revolutionize the way you draw, whether it’s digitally or with pencil and paper. The device has 60 degrees of tilt function which allows for more natural drawing gestures than ever before so enjoy smoother lines and strokes. The XP-PEN Innovator 16 is the first digital drawing tablet to implement a tilt function. By tilting your stylus, you can emulate natural brush strokes with smoother transitions between lines and layers of paint. The XP-PEN innovator also features pressure sensitivity so that it feels just like an actual painting canvas when using different brushes on various types of paper or surfaces – whether thick for oil paints or thin for watercolors.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

Innovator 16 is the latest in a long line of digital drawing tablets that plugs into your computer via proprietary three-in-one cable. The end that connects to the display has two USB Type-A ports and an HDMI port, so you’ll need either one or all of these connections on your desktop/laptop for it to work properly. In addition, there are also separate cables with HDMI and USB Type-A tips which allow this tablet’s stylus function as well as any software updates needed from time to time Innovator 16 is a three-in-one cable that allows you to connect your desktop or laptop with the display. The end of Innovator 16 has one USB Type C, HDMI, and two additional tips for power and control over the screen.

This product requires at least an HDMI port on your computer in order to work The Innovator 16 is not a plug-and-play device. You have to be plugged into your computer for it to work, but you can use the cable with all versions of Windows since 7 and MacOS from 10.10 onwards The Innovator 16 isn’t exactly easy because the connecting cable might get damaged if dropped or otherwise mishandled; however, its advanced computer compatibility makes up for this inconvenience in some way by being compatible with pretty much any version of Microsoft’s operating system as well as Apple Computer Corp.’s OS X (at least until 10.4). If one installs default drivers on their machine when they start using an Inovador monitor then everything will run perfectly fine – that said, these aren’t common cables so make sure The Innovator 16 is a strong competitor in the computer monitor market. The only downside to this high-quality product, which you might notice immediately upon your first use of it, is that connecting cables are finicky and not as common an item as they should be for us modern folk.

XP-PEN Innovator 16

This could pose some inconveniences if something happens to damage one or both of these fragile connections – but luckily their proprietary replacements aren’t too expensive. The Innovator 16 works with all versions of Windows since Windows 7 (64-bit included), including Mac OS from 10.10 forward; so compatibility shouldn’t ever be difficult when using PC’s default drivers on any machine running either operating system software version mentioned above One issue with the XP-PEN Innovator 16 is that it doesn’t come preinstalled with a wide range of software, which can make things difficult for new artists. Luckily, you’ll find all your favorite programs listed on their website and will have no trouble downloading them as soon as they’re released. When it comes to setting shortcuts up in programming mode (which I recommend doing), there are some differences between different types of drawing or painting software; but don’t worry—XP-PEN has set aside dedicated instructional videos to teach users just how this process works and what commands each program uses. To go to XP-PEN’s website and download the latest version of their drivers for your operating system. This ensures you’re getting all of the bug fixes from these updates, ensuring optimal use with any software on a PC or Mac. Once the installation is complete, using this pen will be compatible with Photoshop, GIMP Illustrator CDR Fire Alpaca Blender 3D SAI Krita Medibang among others because every button can have its own programmable shortcut key configured in it– so that if one isn’t right for an application another might work better. Remember though: shortcuts are not always universal between programs.


The Innovator Display 16 is a high-quality monitor that comes with many standout features. A portable stand provides stability and prevents shaking, eye fatigue, as well as hand stiffness. It also has an anti-glare coating to reduce reflections on the screen when viewed at certain angles or under bright light sources such as direct sunlight. The display area measures 344 x 193 mm giving you plenty of room for multitasking without your work overlapping onto one another; this is especially important if using Adobe Photoshop which takes up a lot of space on the desktop due to its multi-panel layout interface design in portrait orientation mode (so make sure you have enough horizontal desk space). This product offers all colors from 92% adobe RGB through 125% sRGB providing excellent color gam The Innovator Display 16 is a high-quality, portable monitor that comes with an easy-to-use stand and plenty of features.

This lightweight display weighs in at less than one pound. The innovative design includes the ability for users to adjust it so they are comfortable while using it as well as its compact size which makes this device perfect for traveling from place to place. With 1080p resolution, you will have crystal clear images on your screen allowing you to enjoy all types of content right away without having any eye fatigue or hand stiffness thanks to the ergonomic, adjustable settings available within seconds. Alongside these amazing perks, there are also shortcut keys built into this device making things more efficient when browsing through files and folders saving time by not needing extra software.

Price & Value

The XP-Pen Innovator price at a glance feels slightly expensive for what you get, but in reality, there are far more costly options out there. The main brand in graphics tablets has its own range of display-driven drawing tools and the Cintiq is near competitors with similar functionality to this product. While there is a variation on pricing and size among competing brands, they all have features that make them comparable to XP Pen’s offering which starts at $529 or less depending on where it is purchased from online stores like Amazon or Newegg; however, Wacom sells their tablet for nearly double the cost: $649 versus our starting price point of just over half as much. The best way I can compare these two products would be by saying if The XP-Pen Innovator price at a glance feels slightly expensive for what you get; however, it is far cheaper than the other brands. The main competitor Wacom has more options that are similarly priced and have similar features but run $120 higher making them less appealing when considering the cost. The XP-Pen innovator graphics tablet comes with an average size display relative to its competition in this space which makes sense given how much lower the pricing of this device is comparatively speaking ($529 opposed to $649), though there are many companies who offer larger displays yet charge upwards of double or triple as well (such as Samsung’s C27D590 27″ LCD Monitor).

Should You Buy It?

XP-PEN Innovator 16

The XP-PEN Innovator 16 is a high-quality, affordable drawing tablet perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The device offers powerful features like 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity to give you optimal control over your work (allowing you to sketch the lightest or heaviest line) as well as smooth pen input with an 8192 level of resolution that will help ensure fewer errors when editing photos or videos in Photoshop. If this sounds up your alley but still not convinced, consider its compact size which makes it very portable – ideal if this piece needs replacing often due to wear and tear on location -or how easy it is to use: just plug into any PC without needing drivers. XP-PEN Innovator 16 is an affordable, portable pen display that has a battery life of 12 hours and can work as both your second monitor or digital drawing tablet. The Innovator 16 by XP-PEN is a small and light, tethered tablet that will allow you to use your creative tools on the go. The draw of this device for artists with smaller budgets is its great quality at an affordable price point; it’s even more suitable than professional level tablets as well. This device offers pressure-sensitive drawing features in addition to all other standard programs available which makes it worth every penny. Have you been looking for a digital drawing tablet but can’t afford one? Consider the Innovator 16.

The great thing about it is that while still being high quality, XP-PEN offers this product at an affordable price to help people who might not be able to buy more expensive professional products due to budget constraints. You’ll get all of the features and benefits that come with tablets like these including pressure sensitivity which means your drawings will look even better than before and there’s no need for tethering as long as you have access to a computer or laptop.


The Innovator Display 16 is an impressive gadget. It has a huge display that gives a lot of room for drawing, yet it remains light and portable without having any heat issues. The pen feels very natural in hand and is designed with the modern artist in mind to create some serious art. With its configurable settings, this tablet can be modified to one’s liking- something other tablets don’t provide so well or at all. Despite its great qualities as both hardware and software, XP-Pen needs more support from its users by updating its old fashioned cable design while improving installation instructions on how best to set up devices like these The Innovator Display 16 is an impressive device because it provides artists everything they need: large working space alongside lightweight portability The Innovator Display 16 is an impressive gadget. It has a huge display that gives you lots of room for drawing, yet it remains light and portable without any heat issues.

The pen feels very natural in hand and is a pleasure to use; the software provides many customizations so you can make your experience with this product truly unique by using one of its supported programs (e.g., Photoshop or Sketchbook). To take their device from “good” to “amazing,” XP-Pen needs to update the old cable design as well as improve installation instructions online support system– even if these upgrades are added on top of what’s already there. The Innovator Display 16 offers plenty of features: such The Innovator 16 is a display tablet that beginners and professionals alike will enjoy using. If you’re looking to upgrade your digital, artistic skills, this would be $500 worth of spending. The device has an intuitive drawing surface with express keys for shortcuts and the ability to save up to 10 custom pens on board so they’re always at hand when needed. The Innovator 16 is an old display tablet that beginners and professionals alike will enjoy using. If you’re looking to upgrade your digital, artistic skills this would be $500 worth of spending. The stand included with the XP-Pen innovator makes it convenient for storing away when not in use or transporting around safely.

XP-PEN Innovator 16

Drawing on something like an iPad or a tablet-based computer isn’t bad but can hardly compare to drawing on a dedicated screen tab.