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What Is Blooket

It’s like taking a class, but it’s on your phone. Blooket is an app created by Tom and Ben Stewart that lets you learn with other people in real time from all around the world! It has features such as creating assignments together or learning about new topics through interactive activities without having to spend hours sitting down listening at lectures—it can be done anytime anywhere for just $5 per month (less than what most teachers charge). Blooket is a website that provides alternative ways of learning and creating memorable experiences. The creators, Tom & Ben Stewart have created this site to bring fun into education while still providing teachers with classroom content they need for their students’ needs.

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What Are Blooks

A blook is a small animal/person that can be used as the player’s icon and enemy. There are many different kinds of blooks, which fall into different categories or classes based on size with each one having their own rarity level telling you how rare they are in-game too! A Blook is the little animal or person that you use to represent yourself in a game. They are different for every player but there’s many types of them with various classes, which can be seen by rarity levels like “rare” and common.

What are the Game Modes

Currently, there are 10 different game modes. 2 of them only come out during Christmas and Halloween while the rest can be hosted or played solo without a host to join you! Christmas and Halloween are the only two weeks of summer where 10 different game modes can be played. These modes include 2 that work better with a group, 4 others for solo play (you don’t need to worry about finding someone else if your plans fall through), as well as hosts allowing you to join without them showing any codes on screen.

Only hostable Only solo or homework Able to play as solo, homework, or hosted
Classic Tower of Doom Factory
Racing Crazy Kingdom Cafe
Battle Royale Tower Defense
Gold Quest    
Crypto Hack
Santa’s Workshop
Fishing Frenzy
Candy Quest

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Chromas are the second highest rarity, with only collectibles that require a lot of dedication and grinding being more difficult. There are currently 16 different kinds available including one-of-a kind masterpieces with no duplicates! As rare as they may be though luck will play an important role in your chances at obtaining them ranging anywhere from 0.02% to 5%. Chroma books are the second highest rarity of all loot boxes, and they require a huge amount or dedication. With an average drop rate between 0.02% – 0.05%, it’s difficult to obtain them without some good luck! There currently 16 different kinds available: from rare Books like The Windswept Shoreline Diaries Volume 1 by Mydnight Eyehaveit (which has been known not only be one-of-a kind) up until common titles such as Hellfire Companion Guidebook Series 3 Volumes Set Black & White Edition .


The seven-year wait for a new breed of cattle has been worth it. The mystical cow, first introduced to players as an Easter egg in 2009 and later released as part two’s rarest decoration (right before the limited edition) is now finally available on all servers! To get your hands on one these beasts you’ll need some luck at rodeos across Runescape with 1% chance having this animal appear each time; however there are only 2 made by now–one belonging to wat/metella while another goes headhunting among okr765 or painbow respectively . There are currently only two mysticals in the game and they can’t be obtained any other way than by winning an event. The first, owned by Wat/Metaella is called “Mana Bow.” It’s a bow that fires arrows made from mystical energy which deals more damage when shot at closer ranges or if there are not many obstructions between you and your target. The second Mystic-Only item belongs to OKR765 of Painbow fame; it allows him – among other things – increased health regeneration while also reducing risk of death after being injured sufficiently enough times (which might sound crazy until one learns how quick these functions actually work).

Tower Defense

Tower Defense is a game where you answer questions, build towers to protect yourself from waves of enemies. It gets more difficult as the rounds are cleared by adding stronger monsters that appear on maps at different tiers – there are 3 currently released for your enjoyment! You can play it in either single player or against another human being online through PC/Mac versions available now on steam (link). There’s also an iPhone version coming soon 😉 A new type-of token called Upgrade Tokens appears after each wave ends; they allow players extra capabilities when answering certain types of riddles later down Tower Defense is a game where you take on the role as defense against waves of evil blooks. You answer questions, build up your forces, and design an unbeatable strategy to protect yourself from those pesky creatures! There are currently three different maps for this awesome Tower Defense Style

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Blooket Play

Blooket Play Blooket Play

Find out Step-By–Step

This video will play in split-screen mode with your work area. Your instructor will then guide you through these steps.

Blooket: Add question sets and question sets to the library

Blooket is a great student tool.

Market and stats are useful.

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Tower Defense

Tower Defense can be viewed as a game mode within Blooket. Here you will answer questions, construct towers and defend yourself against the evil waves. By adding more powerful enemies, the game becomes harder. Tower Defense can be played on different maps. Two maps are available at the moment, with one additional map “Coming Soon”. Answering questions can lead to upgrade tokens and tiers for evil blooks. This wave ends with three questions that must be answered. A player who answers all three questions correctly earns additional tokens.

As of 7/28/21, it now 404’s you.

Lost Desert Map Map Abandoned Mine Map

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Blooket to Engage Students Digitally

Feeling a bit bored lately with virtual learning Are hybrid learning and your previously powerful engagement strategies being affected by hybrid learning? No worries, there is a new FREE game website to catch students attention once again, called Blooket ! Blooket is a mix of Kahoot, Quizziz and Quizziz in one. What’s best about it is how exciting it is! Blooket has multiple choice questions. This includes instant rewards and public question sets. Many game choices are also available. Blooket will keep students interested and learning with new games!

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Blooket, a website for free that can be used on any device is available. Signing up is quick and easy. Google accounts are always great options. After you have signed up, it is easy to start exploring all the Blooket options. Blooket’s options make it stand out from other review sites.

Now it’s time to discover all that Blooket offers! As soon as you log into, you’ll find many sets already made and ready for your use. Simply click “Discover Sets,” to see the options! The majority of the set will include trivia games that kids can enjoy, such as “Name this Food” and “Guess the Movie.”

These would be great options for practice rounds and getting to know the ins and outs of the game play. You don’t have to worry, though. This tool is great for content reviewing! Use the search engine to view the Blookets available on all subjects. Are you not satisfied with these? These are not your only options. You have the option to create your very own set to tailor your content and needs.

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Found A Set?

You can find the question set you like, and then you can go about the rest. Optional options include “Host”, “Solo”, and “Host”. “Host” can be used by teachers to facilitate games with their students.

Once you click on “Host,” you will be prompted to choose a game mode! This is one of the cool, new options in Blooket, because not all games are the same every time! When starting out I suggest using a simple game like “Racing” where students simply race each other to the end. Gold Quest is a matter of winning the most gold! Battle Royale pits students against each other until one team wins. There are many opportunities to steal points, freeze other players, or exchange points in most games. This makes the game more interesting. What I enjoy most is that not everyone is number one, but the fastest or smartest clicker can sometimes steal points. This keeps everyone on the same page and allows students to prove to their peers that they can win.

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Do you prefer a live game or a homework mode?

You can choose another option after choosing your game option. You may assign “HW” or “Host.” The “HW” or homework option is going to give you options to assign the Blooket as a homework assignment to be done at a certain time and date. This assignment is flexible enough for students to work at their own pace.

There are several settings that you can choose to guide students through the game. The game can have a limit or cash goal. This means that students can play to the end until they earn enough money (similarly to points). The time option may prove beneficial for younger students. Students will have opportunities to earn new Blooks as they answer questions correctly encouraging independence, but also to keep students attention on the learning!

Click on “Homework” once the assignment is due. Here you’ll find the information, including student percentages and questions most students were having trouble with.

Host a live game by choosing to be the host. This will involve students joining with a code similar to Kahoot. The “Blook” is a simple character that students can use to represent themselves in the game. They also need to input their names. Blooket does not require students to register an account. They can enter using a code or a random number. To earn coins, students can play for rewards and avatars.

As the teacher, you’ll see the leaderboard. Once the game has begun, watch students take their prizes and cash, steal money and spin the screen in order to slow everyone down. Students will be able to see each question and they will work at their own speed through them. The game will stop when the cash requirement is met or the time runs out! Blooket can be used to showcase the competitive spirit of students.

You can view all the games that you’ve played, along with data about each game. In order to see more detailed information, you would need to upgrade to Blooket Plus, which is a paid version, but I think you can still gleam a ton of information from the free version!

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Using Blooket In The Classroom

All, happy Sunday! It’s Sunday, everyone! I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend and are well-prepared for the coming week. It’s my goal today, if I may, to clear my head and focus on having an optimistic week. Let’s be real, last week was a nightmare. Have you ever had those weeks or days that left you physically and mentally exhausted? It happened Thursday night. I went to bed on Thursday. I have never seen that happen! My body clearly needed to rest. Also, Wednesday was the day I got a root-canal. The Friday morning arrived, with an entire department meeting taking almost all of my planning time. By Friday morning, I felt like I needed something different to improve my mood. This was the perfect day to experiment with Blooket in my classroom! This newbie in the Ed. Tech scene? Let’s see how it all works.

Blooket looked more appealing to younger grade students than it actually was, and I have to admit that I nearly dismissed the tool at first sight. Don’t regret it, Friends! I have taught seniors as well as juniors, and they love BLOOKET!

Blooket makes it easy to sign up and create an account. Blooket like so many great tools offers an amazing way to sign in with Google. This option is recommended to save time and avoid forgetting yet another password and username combination – lets be real, it’s hard to remember more usernames and passwords! These tools are compatible with my favorite Quizlet tool, however. It is possible to create your Blooket activity using the same GSuite login that was used to create Quizlet’s account. You can follow this step-by-step guide in less than five minutes!

At the top of the screen, you will see the box and pencil icon. At this first step, you’ll add a title and can choose a cover image for your game, add a description, choose a privacy setting, and determine how you’ll add content to your game.

Blooket lets you make your activity manually. Quizlet import, however, allows you to import an existing Quizlet activity. Whichever option you use, you’ll need to click the “Create Your Set” button to move forward in the process.

STEP 2: Import Quizlet. While each option is super simple, when I first created my game on Blooket I selected the Quizlet export option. This was because I had to do it about five minutes before class began. What do you see when you click the option?

One of the best parts of this feature is that users can either choose a Quizlet deck that they have created within their own Quizlet account OR can search for the deck they’d like to use on Quizlet. No need to reinvent the wheel if you don’t want to!

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Blooket, What’s It?

Quizizz, an online game platform that allows students to join with code and teachers can launch their own games. Teachers can launch Blooket as a whole class for the ultimate competition or assign it “solo” to allow students to practice at their own pace without the stress of competition. Earning points while playing Blooket will allow students to unlock Blooks, which are cute avatars. You can “buy” various “boxes” that contain themed Blooks, such as the Wonderland Box and Medieval Box. My middle school students are often in fierce competition for particular Blooks. For example, the horse and “fancy toast”. My middle schoolers will see that we have a Blooket. It is always a source of excitement and competition.

Blooket Play

Blooket can be used to create or play with.

There are many Blookets that you can use to play. You can create a Blooket from the homepage. This is the place where students go to register for the Blooket that you have launched. First, create your account (I use the “log in with Google” feature). Blooket then takes you to the Dashboard. There are two options: Create your game or search for already-made Blookets. Use images and text to help you answer your questions. You can also import Quizlet question sets. Once your students have completed a game, you can view the class accuracy from the History section on the Dashboard. *This tool is super handy, especially if you are preparing for an assessment.

Blooket Plus allows you to see enhanced game reports, despite the fact that most of its features are completely free.

Blooket Play

Maximum customization game modes, time, and power-ups

Once you’ve chosen from the Blooket library or launched your own creation, it’s time to decide upon the game mode. The time element of the mode that you select will limit game play to 10 minutes. Last, ask students to play with Random Names such as Sea. Griffin is a friend. Breath, or Sun. Grove), or their own. Random Names we prefer due to both the humor of the ridiculous combos, as well as the anonymity. Our favorite mode is the timed factory with Glitches (Power Ups). This one is especially popular because it includes Glitches (Power Ups), such as the “Vortex Glitch,” that flips competitor’s screens upside down, which causes chaos and uproar. Factory, Gold Quest, Tower Defense and other games are part of our routine rotation. The vast range of customization enables us to play Blookets often, choosing different content and game modes to maintain intrigue.

Blooket Play

Tech Tool Of the Month: Blooket. Part 1.

Melissa Henning Tech Tool of the Month frameworks game-based learning ISTE Standards Tech Tools Blooket is a game-based learning tool that allows you to play or create your own trivia and review games for group competition or solo study. It is possible to host a class game or give homework for your students. Many games are available in Discovery. To create your own game you have two options: either manually make a set of questions or import them from Quizlet. These games can be set-up either by the teacher or as Homework. An assignment is made live during class and is called a “Host” game. A Homework assignment is a game assigned for students to complete asynchronously. There are nine options available, and five can be made Homework.

Applying the Triple E Framework Triple E Framework

, created by Dr. Liz Kolb, is built on the belief that “effective technology integration begins with good instructional strategies and not fancy tools” ( ). Kolb also wrote Learning First Technology Second (ISTE), 2017 which outlines three major uses of technology for education. This framework can be used to understand why certain tools are being used in the classroom. Here is a rubric based on the Triple E Framework you can use to evaluate whether Blooket (or any other technology) is a good fit with your learning goals and whether you should use it in your lesson.

Blooket games motivate students by allowing them to participate in various games. A personalized “Blook”, which students create, is what keeps them engaged throughout the games. Blooket encourages students to engage in learning activities and motivates them to start the process. Blooket’s interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. It can also be used to help students with homework. Blooket lets students assume the role of an active learner, as they participate in and view the assessment and games provided by their teacher. Blooket can allow students to complete the lesson in a self-paced format when they are doing the homework mode. You can play the game again for more review. The online game allows students to be focused more on their tasks.

Blooket uses gaming to help students demonstrate understanding and reach learning goals. This tool can enhance learning goals depending on what type of questions are asked. It allows students to show a deeper understanding of the material by answering questions through the nine games. They aren’t isolated activities or standalone workbooks. These games and activities were created for assessment and review. This demonstrates understanding better than just reading the text and it puts students virtually into the games. Students will benefit from this enhanced learning, which gives them a better understanding of what is written.

Expand learning goals. Dr. Kolb defines extended learning as the opportunity for students learning, connecting, and working together outside the classroom. This bridges the gap between the school day with real-life experience. The tool can be used with blended or flipped learning, where students may complete the games from home, school, or both. It is possible to set games up so that all students can use the game at once or simultaneously. We are preparing our students for a world that doesn’t exist yet, but most jobs do require independent motivation and knowledge of technology. Blooket allows students the opportunity to learn skills that will be useful in the future. Many classes and career paths will need students to utilize technology, and they must work through different steps to complete lessons and projects.

SAMR Connection SAMR mode l is a model of technology implementation that Dr. Ruben Puentedura has developed. You can use this model to evaluate how you’re using technology tools within the classroom. Depending on the way it’s used, Blooket can exist at any of four levels in SAMR.

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