Best Act Prep Books

Best Act Prep Books

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Established 1789

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Athletics conference
Interstate Athletic Conference


Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools


Little Hoya
Tuition $37,215 (day) $60,280 (boarding)






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best act prep books

This is what’s better about the Guide to The Best Act Books.

You need to know the correct advice, as your ACT score plays a major role in getting you into college. Follow the wrong advice, and it might be too late to improve your score before you need to apply to college.

You’ll need to vet the advice you get (including ours) before deciding on your ACT prep plan. Consider the following questions as you review each article.

We are transparent about why our ACT prep guides guide is better than other online.

Here’s a detailed explanation of why and how books fail. Many of the books that we recommend are unfamiliar to you because they are less widely known. ACT’s book guides only recommend a small number of books, with no explanation as to why these books are worthwhile.

It’s crucial to identify your strengths and what you can do to improve them. I’ll point out books that are best for training specific sections, and books that are better depending on whether you’re scoring high or low. Others assume that students learn the same way as everyone else.

These books are not my own. I do not get any commission. There are many books on ACT preparation that I have studied, but these books would be the ones I use if it were me. and often get kickbacks and are paid to improve their rankings.

I enjoy the feeling that I know exactly what I’m doing.

best act prep books

This Act Prep Books guide is designed for who?

The guide was created for students serious about ACT preparation. A high score requires you to be committed and driven. It will take you many hours to go through all these books, as the ACT contains so much information.

Your choice of book will not matter if you only plan on studying for five hours. Focus all your attention on the ACT practice test and reviewing your responses. It is unlikely that your score will rise significantly if you only have a very short time to prepare. Also, don’t expect miracles.

ACT prep books should be purchased and used! The first step in ACT prep is to buy high-quality ACT prep books. To get the scores you desire, it will take hard work. Below are some tips on how to best use ACT prep books.

Second, the guide is intended for students who are looking to raise their scores more than 2 points. These are not just tips and tricks. You must be able to consistently improve at this level. Understanding the material being tested is more important than using ineffective tricks that can make it seem like you have learned something.

You might still be able improve your score by taking the test again, even if it’s only for one time.

Overall, if your goal is to improve your scores, and you need quality ACT textbooks, this guide is right for you.

best act prep books

Here are The Top Act Prep Books of 2022

We will divide the top ACT books into a handful of categories:

You must have critical books to prepare for the ACT, no matter how skilled or weak you are.

Subject-Specific Books: These are the best books to use for the ACT sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

Books for Top Scorers: These books are challenging and guaranteed to push you over the top.

These books are for low-scorers or people with low motivation. If you’re looking to learn for a few hours, and increase your ACT score, then these books will help. We don’t advise putting so much time into preparation.

best act prep books

Important Act Prep books

These books should be required reading for everyone, no matter what your score is or how you want to do it. The books that qualify in this category are difficult to find. Of the dozens that I tested, there were only two ACT-related books I felt worth purchasing.

We’ve written at length about the importance of official ACT practice questions . The ACT can be a strange test that tests you in ways you don’t see in school. It is important to prepare with realistic questions, so that you are able to understand the patterns and learn them.

Official ACT practice exams released by ACT, Inc. are the best for ACT practice. The test questions are real and were given by students from previous testing administrations. The official questions are much more accurate than those from non-official sources, such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review.

This is the “Red Book”, a pre-test prep guide that’s by far the most comprehensive source of practice tests for the ACT.

best act prep books

Discover Your Career Fit

Lantern’s Career Quiz helps you match job options to your unique characteristics.

Many colleges require ACT or SAT scores for admission. The ACT is a 3.5-hour test that includes breaks. It consists five sections, English, math and reading. Science also has an optional writing portion.

Colleges and universities often rely on standardized test results to make admission decisions and compare candidates with similar credentials.

Students often turn to ACT study aids to improve their chances of being accepted to selective schools.

There are so many resources available that it can be hard to decide which one you should choose. We have compiled a list with the top ACT prep books.

best act prep books

Fyi – A Disclaimer

You can use books to help study if they are your favorite resource. Since all of the following books have different strengths and weaknesses, I would recommend using a combination of several. By doing this, you can easily replace any information, strategies, or practice questions from one of the books.

It’s your responsibility to develop a study program and to stick with it. This ACT book list has all the material you need, but it’s up to you to make the most of them.

PrepScholar has a proven track record in helping students reach their goals. The online ACT prep program incorporates all of the elements of each book, while still allowing for accountability.

PrepScholar’s ACT prep program helps you design a study plan customized to your particular needs, strengths, and weaknesses, keep track of your progress, and stick to your benchmarks over a sustained period of time.

We’re open to all methods of accessing the information you need, regardless of how they work for your situation. We publish daily detailed guides for the ACT, as well as free ACT practice tests pdfs that you can download and print.

That’s also why we want to make sure you’re using the best ACT prep books available. Let’s begin by talking about the ACT preparation book that every student must have.

best act prep books


While the Red Book is a great source for practice questions, it’s not the most thorough when it comes to reviewing concepts or learning strategies. This is because the ACT test writers are magicians and don’t want anyone to see their tricks.

One weakness of this book are the explanations. Their explanations could be better. Other books do a better job of walking through the steps of answering a question or solving a problem. These books will help you establish a way of thinking that can be used to successfully approach and answer your questions.

Finally, it turns out that not all practice tests are equivalent. While ACT, Inc. hasn’t announced any changes to the test, many experts agree that the ACT has been gradually changing (ie, getting more difficult) over the years. The majority of experts agree that the Science section has been more demanding and Reading is faster. This is not necessarily reflected on the practice questions or tests in this book. Many questions from this book are easier than the ones you will encounter on test day. You may find yourself scoring higher on these practice tests than on the real ACT.

Since the Red Book is best for practice questions, you would need to supplement it with other ACT books that review content and teach strategies. Here is my ACT preparation book list. It’s divided into the top general books and then my recommendations for specific study guides.

best act prep books

Great Books to Study All Acts

The best books for general study cover English, Reading and Math as well as Science. Some are good at reviewing content while others can help you with strategies, such as time management and correctly recognizing the type of questions.

Each of these books is compatible with the Red Book. This book allows you to use real examples and learn from them. Let’s discuss each book and its pros and disadvantages.

Barron’s ACT Premium Study Guide $21 (for book) and $14 for digital

Pros If you’re looking for a large amount of content, strategies, and practice questions all in one big ACT prep book, then Barron’s ACT Premium Study Guide is a good choice. You will find a review of concepts in each section and a more traditional prep book.

It starts with an introduction to ACT and a suggestion study plan. Next, it will show you how to dress up for the ACT or take a diagnostic test to determine your level. It then discusses the test sections in detail, including test-taking strategies, concepts and skills, as well as question types and practice questions. The book includes two practice tests, one full length and two online tests.

Barron’s ACT Premium study guide is a great book. However, Barron’s 36 Study Guide for students who are aiming to get a perfect score is also available. Barron’s provides subject-specific workbooks for additional practice, like Barron’s ACT Math and Science Workbook. Barron’s Premium Act has its downsides.

Pros Barron’s test preparation books have a general consensus that practice questions can be more challenging than actual ACT questions. Some questions are more challenging than the actual test. Others simply have too many words.

best act prep books

Best Act Prep Books (2021 Edition)

Students who plan to apply for colleges in America should take the ACT examination. The ACT score is a crucial component of college application. This test can demonstrate academic aptitude, and help to influence admissions at universities in the US. While the test can be difficult, it’s possible to achieve a top ACT score with proper preparation, test-day strategies and a little luck. Here we outline the best ACT prep books and other resources for high school students preparing to take the ACT exam. We may receive a small commission for purchases that you make using the links provided below.

ACT Prep Plus by Kaplan

Premium Prep for the Act by The Princeton Review

ACT Premium Study Guide by Barron’s

ACT Prep Black Book Mike Barrett

Brooke Hanson – The best ACT Maths book ever

Erica Meltzer – The Complete Guide to ACT English

best act prep books

Best Act Prep Books Reviewed

The Official ACT Prep Guidebook might have been mentioned many times before. This book is a great resource for ACT preparation. Princeton Review or Kaplan’s practice questions are beneficial, but questions that could prepare you on the big day are a must.

Although we think it is best as a practice test book, it is not a comprehensive studying material. This book doesn’t include topics like math and the mechanics, usage and grammar of the ACT English parts.

Officially, the Red Book is this book. However, there’s an additional “ACT Prep Black Book” which is also available. We will discuss these later.

View on Amazon 2. Kaplan’s 2021 ACT Prep PLUS with 5 Practice Questions ACT prep book plus Kaplan

Because it includes the appropriate review portions to assist you in your studies, this book has been an excellent choice for many years. You won’t be frustrated by the answers, as the book provides clear explanations.

You could feel more confident when you take the test. This ACT prep + book contains online quizzes and lessons as well as expert strategies. These could be helpful in helping you to pass the exam. Kaplan ACT is also the live ACT online prep’s official ACT partner. It also guarantees that you could get proper guidance and a high score from their online materials. If not, you can get your money back.

Smart points are a function in the book which indicates how many questions were asked in the test. It allows you to concentrate on important questions and the frequently occurring ones when you take the exam. It can also help you save time by letting you know what questions are important.

best act prep books

2 – Barron’S Act III: Online Bonus Tests

Barron’s ACT gives you the best value. Barron’s ACT is the perfect budget choice for ACT prep books. You won’t find a better book for the ACT prep than this one. However, it is very affordable and still offers high-quality material.

The additional benefit of this ACT Prep Book is that questions are similar to those in the exam. Since you are familiar with the format and have prepared for these questions, you won’t feel surprised by harder questions. Your confidence will increase by practicing Barron’s ACT questions.

This book has a lot of information, questions, and strategies. It’s the perfect ACT prep book. This book is one of our top ACT prep books and will guide you towards achieving a high score.

Barron’s ACT Prep Book starts with an overview of ACT and provides a study guide. Then, you will be tested with a diagnostic exam to determine your level. The book contains approximately 50 pages, each with test-taking strategies and skills as well as concept questions and practice exams.

The ACT study guide clearly explains the main concepts you’ll need to learn for the ACT exam. You will also find illustrations of math concepts, such as coordinate geometry and algebra. It also discusses data representation, research summary, and science questions.

This ACT practice guide offers many ideas and strategies that can not be found anywhere else. You will score higher with all the strategies, however Barron’s 36 would be a better choice for you if you want to score well because it has harder questions. There are a number of benefits to this guide, but there are some limitations. This book is a good value for money and a valuable ACT preparation tool.

Average Improvement in Score for Student Improvement Smallest Improvement. Book Accuracy Result

What Act Prep book is the best?

  1. “The Official ACT Prep Guide (2021-2022”)
  2. The Princeton Review’s “ACT Premium Prep, 2021”
  3. “ACT Prep Black Book 2, 2nd edition”
  4. Kaplan’s “ACT Prep Plus” 2022
  5. Barron’s ACT Premium Study Guide (2022-2023)
  6. McGraw Hill Education’s “10 ACT Practice Questions, 6th Ed”
  7. Manhattan Prep’s “5 lb.

Which Act Study Guide Is Best?

  1. The Official ACT Prep Guide.
  2. ACT 36: Strive for the Perfect Score
  3. The Princeton Review ACT Elite 36.
  4. Kaplan ACT Prep Plus 2021.
  5. Barron’s ACT Math and Science Workbook.
  6. The Comprehensive Guide to ACT Reading.
  7. Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition.
  8. McGraw-Hill Education Top50 Skills for a Best Score: SAT Math

Is Barrons Or Princeton Review Better For Act?

It varies from one test to another, but on the average, Princeton Review has more practice questions than Barron’s. More than quantity, Princeton Review’s practice tests and prompts for essays were more like actual AP exam questions. We also liked the text explanations.

Is Princeton Review Act Good?

Verdict: Princeton Review ACT Course Prep Course & Books Review. The Princeton Review ACT course prep is the best in the ACT prep space. Princeton provides one of most detailed and comprehensive ACT prep courses I’ve seen and also has some of best practice materials you could find.

.Best Act Prep Books