Best Dean Koontz Books

Best Dean Koontz Books

best dean koontz books

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Get book recommendations from actual people, not robots. Blog. Published Wednesday, Mar 27, 2016 The 16 Best Dean Koontz Books that Will Make You Sweep

Question: Is there a way to combine thriller, sci-fi fantasy, horror, and fantasy together?

Answer: A killer Dean Koontz novel.

The master of genre-bending, Koontz has published a remarkable range of 100+ books since he began writing in the sixties. The majority of his work is a mixture of horror-poetry and speculative fiction. However, there are plenty of intriguing dilemmas for his obstinate heroes to resolve. These 16 books are a great choice for fans of all the elements. They span more than three decades of Dean Koontz’s career.

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best dean koontz books

Phantoms (1983).

Let’s get started with Dean Koontz, one of his best-selling books. Stephen King is a big fan of this ingenious thriller about an isolated hill town that holds some terrifying secrets. There will be 150 bodies found dead, with the remaining 350 people missing. Since they found the bodies, they believe they may have had some form of disease. They were bloated and still feel warm. Once they realize the death of the indigenous people cannot be explained with an outbreak, the readers and the natives almost don’t want to believe it.

A pair of sisters return to their home in the wake of their deceased family members and discover a horrible mystery. A hidden enemy lies behind many historic disappearances they discover. Phantoms is unique because it has the most horrifying display of horror. The book’s terrifying monster will confront each survivor.

Dean Koontz, Phantoms

Koontz, Dean (Author)

English (Publication Language)

448 – 02/05/2002…

best dean koontz books

Lightning (1988)

This Dean Koontz Book is mostly science-fiction with a little humor. This book is one of the most cherished Dean Koontz works. The story centers around Laura, an older woman who is influenced and shaped by past events. Stefan, the mysterious person responsible for saving her lives, maintains suspense by pulling her out of life-threatening situations. A great all-natural thriller of suspense which will entertain everyone until the end.

Life expectancy, the best Dean Koontz novel, adds a new dimension and perspective to Rudy Tock’s current thinking. Rudy Tock has two children, a child who’s in his last days, and an expectant dad. From his dying dad, he has been educated about the mysteries of his new-born son. His son Jimmy was the perfect premonition, as well as his unceasing syndactyly terrifying Rudy.

There is horror at every one of Jimmy’s five disaster spots in his twenties. Jimmy’s struggle against hardship creates a thrilling suspense. Jimmy’s fortune may be in jeopardy if he doesn’t prepare for the worst.

best dean koontz books

Five Dean Koontz Book Reminders That Show Us His Greatness

The Silent Corner (Jane Hawk Series #1) Hardcover $28.00 The Silent Corner (Jane Hawk Series #1) Dean Koontz In Stock Online Hardcover $28.00 If asked to name the bestselling authors of all time, you’d probably cite J.K. Rowling, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, and James Patterson even William Shakespeare if you’re feeling fancy. One name you might not think of though he’s one of the most popular authors of the past several decades, with as many as 400 million books sold is Dean Koontz.

Koontz not only wrote some of the best horror-suspense books, but also created Odd Thomas.

If asked to name the bestselling authors of all time, you’d probably cite J.K. Rowling, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, and James Patterson even William Shakespeare if you’re feeling fancy. Dean Koontz, a name many people might overlook but who has sold as much as 400,000,000 books over the years is one you should.

Koontz wrote some of horror-suspense’s most appreciated characters, Odd Thomas.

Hardcover $28.00 Dean Koontz

Hardcover $28.00

Koontz is doing his best work right now, with Jane Hawk’s series including The Silent Corner The Whispering Room. (Book three, The Crooked Staircase will be released in 2018). They follow the story of an FBI agent investigating her husband’s death. She discovers that there is a conspiracy using advanced mind-controlling technology. They are short and taut and packed with great ideas, thrilling action, and a perfect blend of both.

best dean koontz books

1. Phantoms

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With Phantoms, Koontz’s most loved and early work, I am kicking off the list.

Phantoms is the story of Jenny Paige and Lisa Paige as they make a return visit to Jenny’s home, only to discover it abandoned. Then dead bodies appear and soon it becomes obvious that everyone in the area is either missing or deceased. What could have caused this?

In an effort to unravel the mystery, they enlist help from the military’s Biological Investigation Unit. The confusion quickly turns into horror when the victim leaves them a name beyond their grave… Phantoms by Dean Koontz is a terrifying and delightful book. H.P. Lovecraft was a major influence on this novel, which is also based upon the now debunked urban legend about a vanishing town. It is an exciting page-turner and a fine literary moment that Koontz still has.

best dean koontz books

2. Watchers

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It would be difficult to make a list with Dean Koontz’s most popular books without including Watchers. His 1987 novel helped Koontz achieve global success.

Travis Cornell (an ex-Delta Force agent) is our first encounter. He’s in the midst of a difficult time in his life and stumbles upon a Golden Retriever at an area canyon. These two quickly became friends.

However, just like the Koontz novel, everything can be as innocent or as dangerous as you think. The dog turns out to be a genetically engineered, highly-intelligent being who has escaped from a top-secret government lab. It isn’t the only one. There’s also another escapee, known simply as the Outsider – a vicious abomination hell-bent on killing the dog, and anyone who gets in the way.

Travis and Einstein (the dog) have to run. However, the unlikely duo quickly realize that the Outsider isn’t the only dangerous foe hunting them… Watchers is a book I often recommend to people looking for the best Dean Koontz books to start with. However, it isn’t without its flaws. This is one example: It was written in late 1980s. This means that the novel is based on several outdated tropes which can translate into flat characters. Koontz, however, has mostly overcame this in his recent novels.

But, Watchers remains a thrilling thrillride for me that Koontz enthusiasts still value, especially Reddit.

best dean koontz books

3. Intensity

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So, okay. I love suspense. When I was first introduced to Koontz’s Intensity in my youth, I knew that I needed it. And, boy, I wasn’t disappointed!

Chyna shepard starts Intensity as a troubled college girl who is unable sleep at night after her first night at her friend’s home. But her inability to sleep proves to have a positive side. Soon, a serial murderer breaks into and murders everyone. Except her, of course.

Initialy, Chyna only wants to escape alive. That is until she finds out that Vess, the killer, is actually a self-described homicidal traveler who had imprisoned a small girl at his home. Chyna knows that only she can rescue her. She will, but she won’t.

It’s intense and I love it! This book is a must-read for anyone who loves cat-and mouse thrillers. Chyna is especially a remarkable heroine that has an amazing character arc. Vess is, however, one of Koontz’s worst villains. It’s not surprising, considering that Vess was actually modeled after Edmund Kemper, a serial killer.

Intensity by Dean Koontz is, in my opinion, one of the most important Dean Koontz books. This book is worth reading, particularly if it’s still unclear about you.

Intensity’s plot shares striking similarities with the 2003 French film, High Tension. Koontz’s book has been admitted by the director. The film is almost a straight adaptation, without credit.

best dean koontz books

4. Lightning

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The birth of Laura Shane is witnessed as lightning breaks out in a storm. However, complications arise. However, lightning literally strikes, and she is miraculously saved from dying at the hands of an incompetent doctor.

You can fast forward to Laura as an adult and she is a victim of the death trap. With each near-miss, lightning always strikes – and she is saved by a mysterious blond man who appears out of nowhere. Laura soon recognizes him to be her guardian angel.

But is he really that?

People who might have thought they knew Koontz will be surprised by Lightning. You can be sure that the book is filled with all Koontz’s usual suspenseful and mysterious elements, as well as sci-fi fantasy and science-fiction. The story is also a sensitive and lovely tale about love. Lightning also features characters that I found myself caring about more and more the further I read. This is a rare authorial skill that Koontz doesn’t get enough credit for.

Even though it was written in 1988, Lightning remains a popular book among Koontz lovers. It has held up well, particularly when compared with some of his early books. The book has been a great help for beginner Dean Koontz.

best dean koontz books

6. His Eye is Right at His Corner

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Barty Lampion’s eyes were surgically removed when he was 3 years old to prevent him succumbing to a rapidly-growing form of cancer. Agnes Lampion, Barty’s mother, is an amazing teacher who teaches him that everything happens for reasons and how our lives impact others. Barty finally regains vision after a decade.

Similar to Midnight’s multi-POV style of Midnight, From the Corner of His Eye takes different stories and weaves them together in a coherent journey about courage, faith, human bonds.

From the Corner of His Eye may be the book for you if your tastes are more eclectic than the other Dean Koontz classics. The novel is a sentimental favorite among many long-time Koontz fans, despite a lack of familiar suspense and horror. In general, this book should be read by beginners of Dean Koontz – it is truly a gem.

best dean koontz books

Ten Best Dean Koontz Books That Every Bookworm Must Read

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Whether you’re seeking thrilling suspense, alluring mystery, or fast-paced sci-fi action, the best Dean Koontz books will grip you with every word. Dean Koontz has been a beloved author, having created many New York Times #1 Bestsellers.

Dean Koontz is known for his books that combine reality and paranoia with bizarre fantasies. The main characters of many of his books have had traumatizing childhood experiences. His books are mostly intense thrillers with strong mystery elements and published under his own name. These are his most notable novels, including “Odd Thomas” or “Dragon Tears”, which you can find in our collection of Dean Koontz’s best books.

Dean Koontz wrote more than 105 novels and sold over 450 million copies. His works inspired many movie adaptations and captured all who read. There are many heroes in Koontz’s works that you will find optimistic and caring. They are ready to brave the real horrors and shockingly dark secrets Dean Koontz has woven into their worlds. You will find yourself falling asleep in your chair as you read his novels. They set an example for what thrilling storytelling can be. Be proud of your heroes and fearless about the villains, but be amazed at all the canines.

best dean koontz books

Our 10 Top Dean Koontz Book Reviews

This is our list of the top ten Dean Koontz books that you need to read. Amazon and RedShelf have all of the books.

Let’s start with one of the best books from Dean Koontz. The book is about Odd Thomas (the title), a young man who can read the spirits of dead people to find out their murderers. Hero, for both living and dead, Odd Thomas finds himself in a case where dark forces seek to threaten everything he knows and loves, and he must prevent it with only one day left to go.

The book’s unique blend of humor and suspense is what makes it so great. Odd Thomas is a protagonist you want to root for no matter the circumstance, and following him on his quest is a vibrant and fulfilling experience.

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz is a must-read. It spawns six sequels, a 4 episode web series, a novella, and a live-action film adaptation starring the late Anton Yelchin. The clock is running out and disaster is imminent, so this story about heroism will keep your attention.

The Jane Hawk series has been a popular Koontz novel, including The Silent Corner, The Forbidden Door, as well as The Night Window. Jane Hawk, a suspenseful series about an FBI agent searching for the truth regarding her husband’s death and that of many others. The darkest secret she will discover will be so frightening that it will put a target at her back.

What makes this series from Dean Koontz great is the gripping suspense and page-turning action. These 5 books make up a New York Times Bestseller and are packed with unforgettable moments.

.Best Dean Koontz Books