Classroom Mailboxes

Classroom Mailboxes

classroom mailboxes

8. Add Photos For Younger Learners

Your youngest students will be able to identify which of the kindergarten Kindergarten pictures are theirs. It is particularly helpful if your class has 4 Emmas, 3 Jacobs. 9. Invest in drawer organizers

The drawers make it more private for students to keep their mailboxes. This is great news when you need to return grades.

Amazon has a 4 pack of these 3-drawer stackable sets.

@sparkling_in_second 10. Use binder clips to label student mailboxes

The binder clip is a better alternative to sticking new stickers each year, and trying to remove them later. These are easy to make and simple to move around as needed.

@theocblog 11. Recycled cans are easy to make!

This set of mailboxes for students is adorable! You can give these repurposed cans a whole new purpose in your classroom.

classroom mailboxes

This is a quick look at the best mailboxes to use in classrooms

Classroom Keepers mailbox – Our Choice Safcowood Adjustable LiteratureOrganizer, 12 x – Wooden Organization AdirOffice Wooden Literature Store Organizer. Best-looking Student Mailbox Hippo Creations Hanging Wall File Organiser. Wall Student Mailbox Séville Classics Stacking 10 Slot Tray. Best Wire Organizer. These picks all offer different functions, but one thing is certain: they will be a great help to teachers, whether new or experienced.

You may want to pick based on durability – you plan on loading those up once a year – or you may want to pick purely based on color – your classroom has a theme after all. No matter your preference, mailboxes provide the ideal organization solution for any classroom.

These are the best organizers we found for you classroom. Whichever mailbox you decide to use, students (and your mental health) will be grateful!

classroom mailboxes

Our Top 5 Of The Best Classroom Mailboxes

Here are our top choices for

8. Add Photos For Younger Learners

“>classroom mailboxes. You can store all your paper and mail in these boxes, whether you are a teacher or a student. They can be traditional boxes or cubbies, come in several colors, and so much more.

This Amazon Choice box is a student mailbox that will fit in well to your class. While there are several sizes you can choose, their cardboard construction doesn’t stand up to heavy papers.

PACON’s Classroom Keepers Mailbox comes with 10-15 and 30 slots. The mailbox sits on top or any other surface, so it can be moved around easily to suit your needs. Its size varies based on the number of slots, but overall it is a great solution to help your classroom get organized. It can hold paper, materials, or other mail.

classroom mailboxes

Our Review

The Classroom Keepers Mailbox is made of recycled cardboard material, and each compartment is sturdy and contains tabs on each slot that you can label with your students’ names.

Mailboxes are available in a variety of sizes and colors to match your needs. It can be color-coded by students to make it even easier!

You can easily assemble it. But, if you have a lot of mail, the cardboard may cause it to start to sag. You may notice a change in the appearance and feel of your mailbox if it does. This mailbox is great for classroom use, and it is very popular if you only need it to mail.

These are a sturdy, customizable solution for your classroom. No matter your grade, this set of adjustable boxes, trays and baskets will make you a very organized teacher.

Safco Adjustable Literature Organizer has 12-16, 16 and 24 compartments. Available in cherry, white and medium oak finishes. This is a great sorter with trays for your classroom with lovely color, helping you store your student mail, paper, supplies, and whatever else you need conveniently in labeled baskets.

The interior is customizable so you can adjust the layout to your changing needs each day. Each shelf can fit up to 15 pounds, and it’s built to last with a fiberboard frame and hardboard shelves inside. The trays are easy to assemble, however you’ll need to use a hammer for assistance.

This can fit anywhere on a table or in any other room. It is designed to keep your students’ information and mail secure and organized.

classroom mailboxes

Make Some Classroom Mailboxes

Although I do not know your budget for classroom supplies, mine didn’t seem to go far once I purchased teacher supply essentials like chart paper, pencils and copy paper.

The utility of student mail boxes is amazing to me, however, it can get expensive. A paper sorter/organizer that can be used for classroom mailings costs about $100. 12 slots are the lowest version. You will need at least two or three for each class.

It is expensive.

I set out to find the best I could, and I found this one. This will give you a complete set for less than $30.

Making your classroom furniture yourself is sometimes the best option. Although the do-it yourself options may require more assembly, you will always have that piece if your school moves.

classroom mailboxes

Top Classroom Mailboxes for an Organized Classroom

It doesn’t matter what grade you teach.

Each teacher should have a system of mailboxes to ensure that the class is organized and students can find what they need easily. It also allows parents to contact teachers directly. If you don’t have a way to put your take-home folders in the mailbox of a student, they will be lost.

A list of the most popular classroom mailboxes has been created to help you find the system that will work best for your particular classroom.

PACON Classroom Keepers were chosen by the editor as the best affordable option. The cubbies can serve three purposes: they are lightweight and easy to carry around. You can also find smaller student mailboxes and cubbies to hold large books. We even included space-savers that you can stick against the wall.

classroom mailboxes

What Are the Top Classroom Mailboxes? Why

Each teacher organizes their classrooms in a different way, however most teachers use the class mailboxes as class management tools. It is important that the mailbox works for both students and teacher. Take into account these qualities and attributes when looking for the ideal classroom mailbox.

The materials used in classroom mailboxes have an impact on their durability and strength. While cardboard mailboxes are the most affordable, they’re not as durable as those made of plastic. Plastic may not look as good as wood, but wooden shelves can be more attractive than plastic. Without rubber feet, metal mail trays/wire baskets might scratch the surface.

Brighten up your classroom with a classroom mailbox made of bright colors. Makes sure the color and finishes fit in your classroom theme and decor. You can choose from different finishes such as oak, cherry and espresso. There are three types of mail systems: retro, bright and wood.

The labels help students identify their student mailboxes. You can label each box quickly by placing labels on the holders. Not all classroom mailboxes are required to be labeled.

Class sizes and available space may determine the overall size of the classroom mailbox. Is there enough space available for classroom use? Small classrooms can have the mailbox placed on the wall, or above the door organizers. Some student mailboxes will fit in the bookcase, leaving counter space free for other equipment.

Each student mailbox must be large enough to hold student mail and other supplies. Mail, paper and folders need to be smaller than textbooks or supplies. Size may be affected by the grade. It is possible to use one smaller box for every child at lower grades.

Does the classroom mailbox have enough slots, one for each student or project? If a single unit isn’t enough, is the classroom mailbox stackable?

classroom mailboxes

Best Classroom Mailboxes Reviewed

Student Mailboxes Editor’s Pick:

Pacon PAC001318 Mailbox Classroom Keepe

Editor’s Choice for the Best Classroom Mailbox for a Organized Classroom. It is durable and affordable. The system has 30 slots and can hold various mail types, files, student handouts and more.

Made from corrugated cardboard materials, the colorful student mailbox is lightweight but sturdy. Mailroom Classroom Keepers includes 30 slots. Mailbox Classroom Keepers offers smaller mailboxes with 10, 15 or 10 cubbies. There is also a Classroom Keeper Bookcase. Teachers can choose from a variety of sizes and prices to help organize student work, communication and files. The colorful blue boxes will brighten any classroom creating a cheerful atmosphere.

There is a tab in each slot for students’ names and identifying projects. Slot dimensions are 1,75 x 10 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches. These slots can be used to store files folders, papers and notes, as well as homework. Mailbox Classroom Keepers measure 21 x 31 x 13 inches in size and are 10 lbs. Although sturdy, the recycled cardboard boxes could sag if slots are heavily loaded.

Best Student Mailboxes For Durability:

Good Stuff, Mail Center

classroom mailboxes

What student mailboxes can I use to save my health?

My favourite tip in classroom management is using student mailboxes. Learn how to use student mailboxes in your classroom.

Every August my back to school nightmares get worse. My students don’t listen, they are totally out of control. Have you ever had nightmares of school again?

I have a very anxiety-provoking personality, I am TYPE A.

I don’t like chaos.


Therefore, I decided that classroom management would be something I wanted to become really good at. Classroom management remains my greatest strength. I have so many processes and routines. One is using student mailboxes. Read more below.

This book, “The First Days of School”, was a great help to me in my first year of teaching. I think this one is the newest edition.

classroom mailboxes

The Classroom Management Tip: Use Student Mailboxes

So anyways, now you know that I’m obsessed with learning and implementing all things classroom management. Here is one tip for classroom management that I have found to be extremely useful and saves me time. This has been especially helpful at night when my class needs to run smoothly.

Enter. Subscribe to Student Mailboxes.

Amazon shipped me the mailbox.

One thing I couldn’t live without is my STUDENT MAILBOXES.

The first year I taught, these were missing. So I had to pass out assignments and grades at the end. That was WAY too chaotic for me and I felt like it wasted so much time. An additional year in my second year, I recognized the need to be organized. My student mailbox has been an invaluable tool for me over the past 8 years. This student mailbox was purchased from Amazon. Click here for more information.

classroom mailboxes

How I Label My Student Mailboxes

In the past I had to print my students names and laminate them before gluing them onto the mailbox. I found that having to remove the label & tape every year was starting to ruin the mailbox. The student numbers are now printed and labeled. I then tape them onto the slot. That way I don’t have to remove the labels every year. Plus, I use student numbers in my classroom for just about everything so it just made sense.

The number labels that I have on my mailboxes are part of my Tropical Decor Set, but you can also write them on index cards.

Download some of my beautiful and free number labels that I created last year. Click below and enter your name and email to download the number labels.

Your information will be sent as a free number label. Fill in the form below, and you will receive your labels right in your inbox.

Thank you for signing up. Check your email for details.

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The Last Thoughts and the End-of-The Day Mailbox Routine

At the conclusion of the day, my students gather at their tables and start packing. They go silently up to the mailboxes. Everyone else is reading a book silently while I call each table to check their mailbox and pack up. This is my favorite time of day. It’s quiet and peaceful. And it’s almost time for me to head home.

I’ve seen other teachers use file crates for student mailboxes, but I have found these mailboxes work best for me & my classroom management style. My students LOVE them! Keeping things simple for my students keeps us all sane.

I am glad that you found this useful classroom management tip. Is your school using a mailbox system? Do students use student mailboxes for their mail?

Save this photo to keep it in your mind.

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