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Vibe OS Interactive Digital Whiteboard: Vibe OS allows multi-person editing on multiple devices and real-time sharing of the Vibe 55 4K UHD interactive board. The same platform allows you to collaborate and brainstorm remotely. 8ms response-time ensures the stylus-to-touchscreen experience is natural and familiar, like a marker on a traditional whiteboard.

Real-Time Collaboration and Screen Share: Vibe Smart Interactive Whiteboard perfectly supplements your existing Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and other popular 3rd party video conferencing meetings with enhanced remote presentation & whiteboarding capabilities

Robust App Ecosystem: Vibe’s open ecosystem allows you to choose whichever apps are best for you and your organization. Vibe is compatible with all the tools that have been purchased, and there’s no need to purchase additional. There is no learning curve and barriers to adopting the tools your team already uses.

Save Your Data to Cloud: Vibe Cloud can save content in real-time. Save time retyping and reviewing old notes and return to the canvas easily. This will allow you to keep your ideas flowing. Vibe lets you export the content that has been created to other Cloud Drives such as Google Drive and OneDrive.

Present and annotate on the Vibe smart board: Vibe smartboard can support up to four screencasts at once via Airplay/Eshare and by connecting to HDMI. Screencasts can be annotated as necessary, shared via video conferencing or pinnable.

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Comparison to Vibe

To encourage creativity, the Vibeboard is compatible with many educational apps such as Canvas and Blackboard. There are many other integrations available. Vibe provides access to more than 50 third party apps, so you can select the program that meets your requirements.

No subscriptions, licensing, or complicated mix-and-match requirements are required to access the Vibe app. Vibe apps can be accessed via any device.

Vibe users can collaborate instantly in real time via the Vibe board on their Mac, Windows, Mac, or iPads (the mobile app cannot be viewed). After you exit the physical meeting room it is easy to quickly switch to your portable devices to pick up from where you left. Vibe also supports screencasting from computers and mobile devices to the board, regardless of the device’s manufacturer.

Another big selling point? Pricing. Vibe costs $2,999 and is half as expensive as the SMART Board 6000 Series.

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Register for Your Vibe Board Account

To log into your Vibe board account after registration, press the icon (the one that looks like a human head) in the top-left corner.

These options allow you to log in to your account.

Click “Continue” to send Vibe an email at the email address that you have entered. To open the confirmation mail, use your iPad or smartphone to select the link. If you don’t see the confirmation email, make sure to go to your spam folder. After confirmation, you’ll be logged into your Vibe board.

Vibe Canvas on iPhone.

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Vibe Introduces A Remote Collaboration Solution That Works With Your Favorite Apps

Sarah [email protected]/ 1 Year A startup called Vibe launched today at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield. The goal is to allow businesses to work remotely. With its combination of a large interactive digital board and cloud service it allows users to have remote brainstorming sessions as well client presentations or virtual trainings. Vibe can also be used with popular workplace apps like Slack. It works seamlessly with Dropbox, Teams. OneDrive. Chrome. Asana. Businesses are able to stay on the platform they already have and not need to learn a whole new workflow.

The Bellevue, Washington-headquartered startup was founded in 2016 by a team looking for the ideal remote collaboration solution. Initially, they believed this would mean VR devices with headsets, but later came to realize that what they really wanted was a single tool that would serve as a platform for real-time collaboration.

The Vibe system today includes a 55 inch, 4K touchscreen device. It integrates with third party apps in full-screen and split-screen modes. Customers can videoconference, chat, or whiteboard while using the apps.

Also, users can add annotations to photos, files, and presentations in other apps. These notes can then be saved into whiteboards. Vibe’s high resolution rendering engine, which is also low in latency, offers an infinite canvas, a smooth annotation experience and cross-app support, says the company.

The Vibe board can also function as a second screen via screencasting or an HDMI cable while supporting annotation. AWS provides Vibe with its cloud service.

Vibe claims a low latency drawing response of less than 7 milliseconds to sketch and write, along with a collaborative experience where participants can collaborate across all devices including their web browser, iPad, or Android tablets.

This product was launched stealthily in 2019 and has been sold to nearly 400 customers. Vibe launches officially to the public today at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield.

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Lilypad Vibe Board

RoHS In Fritzing Library volume sales pricing Discounts available

1+ Items 10+ Items 25+ Items 100+ Item Apply 5V, and you will be shaken by the small but powerful vibration engine. Uses as a physical indicator and does not notify others. This motor uses a top mount motor, which makes it less likely that the unit will be lost or damaged.

Leah Buechley created LilyPad. It was jointly designed and developed by Leah Buechley, SparkFun and Leah. LilyPads have been creatively designed to attach to clothes. Different input, output power and sensor boards are possible.

Notice: Part of the proceeds of this sale are given to Dr. Leah Buechley, who will continue education and improvement of etextiles.

Do you need a customized board? SparkFun’s A La Carte boards builder can provide this component. A custom design can be made with this component and delivered in just a few days.

Get Your LilyPad Vibe Board guide Started

20mm outer diameter

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Jennifer Gordon-Lampton – Vice Chair

Jennifer Gordon Lampton, a New Orleans native, was raised here. In May 2009, Jennifer graduated from the A.B. Tulane University‚Äôs Freeman Business School awarded her a Bachelor of Science (Management) degree. This majored both in Business Law and Political Science. Loyola University of New Orleans College of Law awarded her a Juris Doctor in May 2012. Jennifer currently serves as a judicial clerk to Nakisha Evin-Knott, Orleans Parish Civil District Court, Section D. In May 2018, Jennifer was elected a member of Voices for International Business and Education, Incorporated, which runs International High School New Orleans. Jennifer’s professional affiliations include: Louisiana State Bar Association, New Orleans Bar Association (Young Lawyers Section Ambassador), Louis A. Martinet Legal Society (Co-Chair of the Young Lawyers Committee), and A.P. Tureaud American Inn of Court.

[email protected]

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Karen Dwyer – Treasurer

Karen Mayer Dwyer, CPA, was born in New Orleans and currently lives in Jefferson, LA. Karen is also a mother to three kids, and the grandmother of four. Over the years she has welcomed 4 students on foreign exchanges. Karen has 46 years’ experience in public accounting and owns her own business located in Metairie, LA. Karen received her bachelor of science degree at Nicholls State University. For over 31 years she has been a community volunteer. In 2009, she received the AICPA & LCPA’s (Louisiana Certified Public Accountants Distinguished Public Service of the Year) awards. Karen currently serves as an Officer on the Boards of Voices for International Business and Education (VIBE) for the International High School of New Orleans and A Child’s Wish of Louisiana (ACW). Past Board experience includes the Board of the International School of Louisiana.

[email protected]

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How to Attach an Arduino To A Lilypad

The LilyPad Vibe Board comes with two sewing tabs, Power (+) or Ground (–).. A white label is located next to each tab. The input voltage for power can range from 3.3V through 5V. A higher voltage can cause the motor to vibrate quicker. Because of the limited current available to each I/O, it is recommended that you connect the (+) tab with a MOSFET when driving the motor using an Arduino. We recommend using an Arduino LilyPad with a sew tab that can be programmed to adjust the intensity.


According to the manufacturer, voltage ranges from 2.5V-3.8V. There is an external resistor that can be placed between the power tab and motor. In other words, even if you provide 5V input, the resistor reduces the voltage to about 2.83V. This allows the device to be operated within acceptable limits.

As shown below, attach the

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“>vibe board/transistor to a LilyPad Arduino. Temporarily connect the circuit with alligator clip. Connect the LilyPad’s “+” sew tab to the “+” sew tab of the vibe board. Make another connection between the “–” sew tab and the MOSFET power controller’s “–” sew tab. Remember that ground is not represented by the “–” label of the MOSFET Power Controller (GND and “–“).). Ground is represented by the “IN –“.” label. Connect the “IN—-” to a LilyPad Arduino’s “–” sewing tab.

Connect a pin 10 (in the next cases), to the PWM pin. This will allow you to control the vibeboard. When testing the example for button feedback, simply connect A4 to the LilyPad Arduino’s “–” ground sew tab. For permanent connections in your project, you can replace alligator clips by conductive thread trace after prototyping is completed.

Connecting to a LilyPad Arduino USB (Click image to enlarge).

Note: These green alligator clips are temporary buttons that can be used to test the LilyPad Arduino USB circuit. You could also use a LilyPad button or make your own using snap pins when integrating the parts in your project!

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Favourites: 0 Step 2 Turning on Vibe Board

To turn on the Vibe Board, press the power button on back of the right side of the board. You will find an embossed power symbol beside the button.

When powered on, the Vibe Board displays a basic lock screen prompting you to “Touch To Start”

The Vibe’s stylus should be found attached magnetically to the back of the board. To unlock your Vibe, make sure the network settings and connections are correct.

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Vibe Board Review: Best Smartboard For Classrooms

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Vibe Interactive Whiteboard really is the best smartboard. Available in a stunning 55”- or 75″ screen size, the Vibe Interactive Whiteboard features a 4k UHD touchscreen, real-time video conferencing, 10 digital touchpoints, an incredible response time and an amazing screen size. The whiteboard has hardware that allows for the use of the most commonly used and well-known software.

Your lessons will be taken to a new level of productivity with the smart board.

How does Vibe Board function?

Vibe digital Whiteboard

This interactive tool allows you and your team to collaborate in real time. Vibe Board is just like other smart devices. It requires an internet connection in order to use all of your favorite task applications, including Google Drive. Zoom. Trello. Dropbox. You can create ideas and pictures on the whiteboard.

Vibe allows you to upload images, documents and other information to the digital whiteboard. The screen will be visible to everyone. Mirror your image so everyone can see what’s on the board. The digital whiteboard lets you collaborate with others on your team to create documents and edit them in real-time.

vibe board

Real-Time Collaboration on Unlimited Canvas. Easy access to Onedrive Files.

Vibe’s intuitive and powerful technology allows for teams to innovate, think, and work together in real-time, from anywhere on the planet. By using Vibe, you can allow your team to record ideas and then annotate them, organize the session, create it, and share the whole thing with the click of a button.

Vibe has made collaboration easier than ever

Your creativity is unlimited and partitioned.

You can now edit your device in real-time. There are many screens to choose from. Vibe Board lets you access your canvas on your Mac/PC or tablet. You can collaborate seamlessly on any device that works best for you and your team.

Use whiteboarding to add annotations or dynamically edit your documents in the meeting. After you are done, export your board to PDF. This will give your team an action plan as well as digital records.

Access your Google Drive and OneDrive files directly from the Vibe application.

Microsoft Teams Integration with Vibe lets you

What is the Vibe Board?

Vibe’s collaborative software and interactive smart board allow for teams to innovate, think, and work together in real time from anywhere on the planet. Vibe’s interactive intelligent smart boards make it possible for teams to invent, plan, collaborate and share ideas in real-time anywhere around the world. Purchase a Vibe.

Is The Vibe Board Worth It?

Vibeboard is one of the most powerful interactive boards I’ve ever used. It is intuitively designed and simple to use. I can present difficult evidence and arguments easily and it is also easy to retain and understand. It is an excellent interactive board that I will definitely purchase again.

What Interactive Whiteboard is the Best?

  1. Vibe Board. See the Current Price.
  2. IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System
  3. Multi-Touch Touch Infrared Frame for Chengying
  4. Microsoft Surface Hub 2.
  5. Polyboard Ultra-Slim 65-inch Monitor.
  6. Interactive Smartboard
  7. OneScreen Store Touchscreen TV5.
  8. Smart138 SMART Board.

Vibe Board Has a Camera

Yes! A Vibe Board must have an integrated camera in order to be compatible with various video software programs. This digital whiteboard is equipped with a high quality camera to allow for clear videos and photos.

.Vibe Board